Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious name behind the bitcoin. He was allegedly is Japanese, and he was born on April 5, 1975. Satoshi opened the new era on the internet by introducing the scientific paper about the bitcoin. With the nine pages article, he accomplished to change something for the world. He devised the first blockchain database and solved the double-spending problem that exists in digital currency. Although he was the author of some valuable concepts, still his real personality stays as hidden.

Conspiracy theories

When we hear the Satoshi Nakamoto, we speculate about the Japanese roots of these words. If we examine it, we will find that Satoshi is a male name, and it means intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. It could be the perfect name for the inventor of bitcoin! So, is this just coincidence, or it a scam? Another conspiracy theory is about the initial syllables of some technology companies in Japan: SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi, and MOTOrola. This scenario seems like crafty, but every idea sounds real too.
Although his name seems like Japanese, he does not display the characteristics belong to one. Stefan Thomas, a Swiss coder, tried to approach this issue from a time-zone perspective. After the graphing the publish time of the posts, he found out that there was almost no post between 5 am and 11 am GMT. We can infer that he was asleep rather than being at work. This period suggested that Satoshi was not in Japan.
Would you imagine Satoshi as a British? The genesis block is the first block in the blockchain. In this block of the blockchain, he included the headline of the UK version of the Times. He also used some British version words such as “optimise” and “colour”. These facts hint that he could be British.


People considered as Satoshi

Considering all the hard work to uncover the real personality of the Satoshi, people began to find him among the people who thought to be as smart as him. So, researchers and media members began to suspect other influential people. The list of them is not short, so let’s examine some of them.


  • Craig Steven Wright is one of the “Satoshi”s. Wired magazine published a news article about the Australian genius. Some pieces of evidence proposed that Wright is a suitable individual for this position. In the post on Wright’s blog before the bitcoin whitepaper published, he mentioned his intention to release cryptocurrency paper, and he refers to the triple entry accounting paper of the Ian Grigg that wrote about ideas similar to bitcoin. In another case, they checked the PGP public key of the Wright, and it led to the Satoshi’s identity. When people compared that public key in the database of the MIT server, they found this led to the similar mailing address used by Nakamoto to send his whitepaper about bitcoin. However, the other facts which are not satisfying about him made caused eliminate his candidacy to be Nakamoto. In his profile, he noted that he has a Ph.D. degree from an Australian university, but in reality, the university objected to this fact. So, he is not good enough to be Nakamoto.


  • Nick Szabo is the next person that classified as Nakatomo. He is a computer engineer and scholar. He had similar ideas to the bitcoin, and he called it Bit Gold. If you check his blog, you will understand how close is the methodology. Nick is also interested in pseudonyms, and this could be another reason. Blogger Skye Gray used the stylometric analysis to identify his writing style, and he concluded that Nick’s writing style is similar to Nakamoto’s. Another clue revealed by Author Dominic Frisby. He learned that he worked for DigiCash, which was an early attempt for the cryptocurrency. According to Frisby, he was the Satoshi Nakatomo. Nick has the characteristics to be Nakatomo, and there are not so many arguments that oppose that, and no one knows the truth.


  • Dorian Nakamoto is the first one that comes to our minds. Newsweek magazine firstly put the spotlight on that person. In 2014 according to the article in that magazine, the media finally found the person who can be the real Satoshi. Dorian Nakamoto lives in California, also graduated from California Polytechnic University. He worked as a system engineer in classified defense systems. During the conversation, the journalist asked about the bitcoin Dorian said that “I am no longer involved in that, and I cannot discuss it. It turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.”  This quote was too apparent at first everyone thought that they found the Satoshi. Later, he corrected that he misinterpreted the question. After that news article, the bitcoin community raised 100 bitcoins on his name, gifted to him. After a month, Dorian Nakamoto and fundraiser Andreas Antonopoulos thanked the community for their donations. Dorian promises that those bitcoins will contribute to the world.

As long as his true identity will be secret, the search will continue. After reviewing all this information, we can conclude that he just vanished without leaving any marks. What if it was a smart move to leave the spotlight? Maybe the mystery and mastery behind the bitcoin make it so valuable. Perhaps it was safer leaving the scene than was being scapegoated by the centralized system. I think it will be a secret unless he will show up and reveal the truth.