Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

What Is Required To Buy Bitcoin Cash In London?

Our terms are known for their ease. Therefore, you can buy Bitcoin Cash in London right away. It is not even necessary to be a UK citizen. To make a transfer, all you need is

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Bring an official ID or passport

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Paying in US dollars or pounds (GBP)

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash with a Credit Card?

If you are determined to buy Bitcoin Cash with cash, you should visit our office in London with your ID. You can buy Bitcoin Cash with the pound (GBP) in London. The process will take just 10-15 minutes.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash with a Credit Card?

Payment options are not restricted to cash. Coinsfera makes it possible for you to buy Bitcoin Cash in UK with a credit card. Credit card availability will allow you to pay effortlessly.

After deciding the payment option, proceed with the following steps

1Buy Bitcoin Cash in London


Use the calculator on the Coinsfera website to determine the amount you want to buy

2Buy Bitcoin Cash in London


Schedule an appointment with Coinsfera team via phone, Whatsapp, or Telegram

3Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Buy Bitcoin Cash

Visit the Coinsfera Bitcoinshop at 16 Pennine Parade, Pennine Drive, London, England NW2 1NT

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin Cash in London?

There is huge interest in cryptocurrencies in London, UK. Bitcoin Cash is one of the cryptocurrencies that have great market capitalisation, and reasons are following to buy Bitcoin Cash in London:

  • Utilisation and acceptance is expandingUtilisation and acceptance is expanding
  • Bitcoin Cash is considered as an inexpensive substitute to BTC
  • Shops integrate Bitcoin Cash as a payment instrument
  • BCH charges low rates for the transaction
  • It can provide high gains in years to come

Why is Coinsfera the best place to buy Bitcoin Cash in London?

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Competitive Pricing

At Coinsfera, you can purchase cryptocurrency at the best prices on the market. We keep our commissions low, so you can exchange easily.

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

High Volume

We do not limit the size of your orders. Depending on your choice, you can buy high volumes or smaller amounts of cryptocurrency.

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

No involvement with Banks

We grant you a bankless environment where there is no need to reveal your identity to buy digital currency.

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London


Your security comes first. Providing you with a safe and reliable exchange experience is our primary goal.

Buy Bitcoin Cash in London

Instant Transaction

Taking into consideration how time is valuable, you can get your cryptocurrency quick and secure as possible.

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FAQ about buying Bitcoin Cash in Coinsfera London

This is my first time trying to buy Bitcoin Cash in UK. Can you guide me?

Gladly. You don't have to worry. If you visit the Coinsfera London branch, the staff will guide you through the entire process.

What is the min/max amount that I can buy?

For more detailed information about amounts, please contact our employees. We do our best to ensure that our customers do not have trouble with the trade volume.

How long does it take to buy Bitcoin Cash in Coinsfera London?

You do not have to wait for long. We complete your process within 10-15 minutes. Customers are always pleased with the quickness and ease of our transactions.

What are the opening and closing hours of the London office?

Monday to Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Saturday and Sunday closed.

How many branches do you have in UK?

Our only office located in the UK is at 16 Pennine Parade, Pennine Drive, London, England NW2 1NT address.

Do you have a wallet?

Coinsfera Bitcoinshop does not have its wallet. However, we help our customers to create their wallets.

Can I buy Bitcoin Cash online on the Coinsfera website?

Unfortunately. We do not have an online service yet. Coinsfera operates as an OTC (Over the Counter) exchange.

Can I send Bitcoin Cash to another person with cash in Coinsfera?

Yes, you can transfer cryptocurrency to another person with cash at the Coinsfera Bitcoinshop with your ID.

Do you have an app?

Currently, Coinsfera does not have an app. But we plan about having one in the future.