Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

What Is Required to Buy Litecoin in Kosovo?

Are you thinking about buying Litecoin in Kosovo but don't know how to get started? As long as you meet the specified requirements, you can buy LTC smoothly at the Coinsfera cryptocurrency cashpoint.

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Official ID or passport for security

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Pay in USD or EUR in exchange for LTC

How to Buy Litecoin in Kosovo with Cash?

Coinsfera made buying Litecoin in Kosovo easier by adding a cash payment method for your convenience. Since cash is the handy medium of exchange, you can buy privately and securely at the trusted crypto-exchange with your ID.

How to Buy Litecoin with a Credit Card?

If you do not have cash on you, do not worry about it. Coinsfera Bitcoinshop offers you to buy Litecoin in Kosovo with a credit card just as easily.

By deciding to buy Litecoin, you have already made significant progress forward. Now all you have to do is:

1Buy Litecoin in Kosovo


Decide how much LTC you want to buy for fiat in the calculator on our website

2Buy Litecoin in Kosovo


Make an appointment by contacting the Coinsfera team via Whatsapp or Telegram

3Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Buy Litecoin

Complete your exchange by coming to Rruga Luan Haradinaj nr.98, Pristina 10000 Kosovo at the scheduled time

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Why Should You Buy Litecoin in Kosovo?

Litecoin has outstanding features to continue as a promising cryptocurrency. If you live in Kosovo, Pristina, you may find Litecoin as an appealing investment object due to the following reasons:

  • People consider Litecoin as silver in cryptos
  • New features of Litecoin will make it more valuable
  • Litecoin is open to innovation
  • With a Litecoin Visa Card, you can use it to pay easily

Why is Coinsfera the best place to buy Litecoin in Kosovo?

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Competitive Pricing

Coinsfera is, above all, an exchange with a solid reputation. For this reason, we create an environment that grants our clients the lowest possible commissions.

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

High Volume

As a Bitcoinshop, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase large amounts of cryptocurrency. Our Trading Desk Team will assist you in getting the amount you want.

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

No involvement with Banks

We lowered the contact with banks to zero. You do not need to have additional documents rather than your ID to buy Litecoin in Kosovo.

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo


Security is not the thing you should worry about. Consfera provides you with a secure and advanced service.

Buy Litecoin in Kosovo

Instant Transaction

The faster the transaction better the service. We understand the importance of every minute and give you the best service in a moment.

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FAQ about buying Litecoin in Coinsfera Kosovo

This is my first try to buy cryptocurrency. Can you help me to buy Litecoin in Kosovo without any stress and hassle?

Do not be afraid of the fact that you are buying cryptocurrency for the first time. Our goal is that our customers do not encounter any problems, especially in their first transactions.

When buying LTC in Coinsfera, is there a minimum and maximum limit per order size?

If you have any questions about min/max transaction volume when purchasing LTC, you can contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram, or by calling +383 48876888.

How long does it take to buy Litecoin and confirm the transaction in Coinsfera?

In general, our transactions take between 10 and 15 minutes, and you will get your cryptocurrency smoothly without wasting time.

What are the hours when you conduct business at your Kosovo branch?

Our Kosovo branch operates from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 A.M. until 5:30 P.M. During this business hour, our employees welcome every client with attention.

In how many offices do you operate in Kosovo?

Coinsfera Bitcoinshop provides service at one place in Kosovo, which is situated in Rruga Luan Haradinaj nr.98, Pristina 10000, Kosovo.

Does Coinsfera have a wallet service?

Coinsfera does not have a wallet service. Our employees can help you to create a wallet.

Do you provide a service to buy Litecoin on the website?

For the time being, you can't buy LTC online through Coinsfera. Coinsfera is an over-the-counter crypto-exchange, and you can arrange a meeting to buy Litecoin in Kosovo. Visit Coinsfera at Rruga Luan Haradinaj nr.98, Pristina 10000, Kosovo.

If I want to send Litecoin with cash to other people can you do it for me?

Certainly, you can send any amount of Litecoin to other people by presenting your ID. Buy Litecoin with cash, and we will help you transfer your cryptos.

Do you have a mobile app?

Currently, Coinsfera does not have an app in Google Play and App Store, but we plan to have it in the future.

Location of our crypto exchange office

Coinsfera Kosovo

Rruga Luan Haradinaj nr.98, Pristina 10000