Lark Davis, the crypto analyst from New Zealand, shortlisted some cryptocurrencies that may perform better in December. In the crypto field, chances to get profit never get extinct.

He talked about some promising altcoins that will make happy owners on his YouTube video. Before talking about 3 promising altcoins, he commented about Ethereum and Ripple. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, announced the Beacon Chain of the new Ethereum 2 on December 1. This event made Ethereum the center of attention on social media. As you may encounter these days, Ethereum can display some price increase during early December. According to TradingView, Ethereum hit the $636 price on December 1. We can expect that this trend will continue for some time. 

Similar to Ethereum, Ripple- XRP can pose some crucial gains in December. Ripple will launch the Spark airdrop program for the Ripple- XRP holders. With the launch of the project, Ripple will realize the Ethereum like smart contract feature. All owners of XRP can have Airdrop freely. The launch of a new project will probably increase the price. Also, Ripple shows a price increase lately. According to TradingView, Ripple is currently above the $0.60 price level, which is double of 2 weeks ago. 

Cryptocurrencies to Focus on

According to Lark Devis, the three altcoins are AAVE, Axie Infinity, and Kusama.

AAVE will release V2 soon in December, and it is currently on public testnet on the Ethereum network. The addition of mortgages to the AAVE will have a positive impact on the price, according to Devis. Also, a partnership with Fresco finance will add value to the price.

AXIE Infinity is the new Binance IEO. “It is like a Pokemon but on the blockchain. Gaming and NFT space is a massive area for the growth of cryptocurrency.” On AXIE, you can create a digital land kind of a kingdom and fight against other players. These kinds of projects are promising, and even the real Pokemon cards display a price increase. Collectibles can be valuable if the game gets popular.

KusamaPokladot’s canary network, is the last cryptocurrency that Lark Davis commented on. He highly talked about the new Parachain function of Kusama. Parachains are the chains that Kusama will play as a central body for them. Kusama will hold a hundred different chains, which we can infer that there will be high demand for those chains. There will be a lot of competition for those, and it will push the price up. 

As we can see, there will be lots of project launches during December, and investors need to take into account to be better off with their trades. If you miss out on the chance to invest in Bitcoin, you can securely buy bitcoin in Istanbul, Turkey at Coinsfera.

Disclaimer: All information provided in the content is for informational purposes only and should not perceive as an investment, financial, or trading advice. Any investment decision you make should be a personal choice based on financial knowledge, experience, and market research.