The well-known movie theater chain, AMC to accept payments in Bitcoin. The CEO, Adam Aron, confirmed on his social media account.

AMC To Accept Payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

AMC Entertainment, which is the movie theater chain, will begin to accept Bitcoin as the payment method for the services they provide by the end of the year. AMC operates in the USA and internationally, and they step into cryptocurrencies soon later this year.

The CEO of the company, Adam Aron, announced this on his social media account. He confirms that, as many crypto enthusiasts know, AMC will begin to accept Bitcoin for ticket purchases. This news can be considered as big companies start to recognize bitcoin as a payment method. They will initially utilize Bitcoin and then adopt Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

It is well known that recently companies began to add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the payment method for their products and services. One of the downsides of using Bitcoin is allegedly the environmental issues it has. Many analysts say the proof of work consensus mechanism consumes way more energy than the other ways of transacting. However, Bitcoin proponents deny this and highlight that it does not consume as much energy as the current financial system use, and it is faster and safer.

Previously, Adam mentioned that they would accept Bitcoin as the payment method in August 2021. He also covered that the new shareholders are quite enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies. With the recent news, he approved this decision.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is available to buy almost anywhere. Anyone can buy bitcoin in Dubai, Istanbul, or anywhere else to purchase the services and products.

BTC price has swung during the week, while AMC announces that they will accept Bitcoin. The price interval was $44k and $48k for Bitcoin. At the time of writing the price of Bitcoin was $47,324.

bitcoin price chart

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