After the ATH price of Bitcoin, BTC is relatively stagnant, and it gives momentum for altcoins to rise. ADA is one of the cryptos that profited their owners. Meanwhile, Charles Hoskinson is disappointed about Twitter’s policy.


The $1 trillion worth of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is having a dip after reaching an all-time high price of $ 61,604, according to CryptoRank. On the 2nd January, Bitcoin hit the $ 30,000 level, and it took 64 days to double its price. The price of $ 61,000 BTC is closer to $ 100k than the price of BTC in September 2020. 

The bullish run had a break, and BTC stabilized around $ 55k. The market capitalization still above $ 1 trillion. Many analysts think that this bull-run of Bitcoin has not ended yet and will go after high prices. Cofounders of Glassnode tweeted about the liquid supply shortage of Bitcoin. This gives grounds to think that Bitcoin will improve its price further.

Cardano (ADA) Aims High

One of the competitors to Ethereum, Cardano, spiked with the news about being listed on the Coinbase Pro. The price of ADA was in the downward trend after hitting its ATH price of $ 1.49. Recent developments added value to the price. Coinbase announced that starting 16th March, users can transfer their coins to the Coinbase Pro account. According to the official blog, “trading will begin on or after 9 AM Pacific Time (PT) Thursday, 18th March, if liquidity conditions are met.” 

After this news, people begin to buy ADA, and the price increased by up to 25%. The initial price was $ 1.03, and it increased up to $ 1.28. The price of ADA can increase further after being listed in Coinbase Pro. 


The recent crypto bull run has attracted many scammers to social media. Faking the name of crypto influencers and founders, confuse people and cause misleading information in social media. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is tired of impersonators on Twitter. Twitter has not verified his account, and it gives fake profiles additional power. He blamed Twitter for this and tweeted about leaving the social platform. 

Cryptocurrencies will find the drop of Bitcoin as an opportunity to rise. Besides ADA, BAT displayed a significant increase. Basic Attention Token reached its new ATH price of $ 1.18. This trend will end soon if Bitcoin begins to rise again. 

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