Prominent crypto exchange Binance announced,

“Binance will support the upcoming EOS hard fork and network upgrade.”

The post mentioned that while the hardfork will result in a temporary suspension of EOS withdrawals and deposits, the trading of EOS will not be affected. Binance has further warned investors to “leave sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full.” The company mentioned,

“We will handle all technical requirements involved for all users holding EOS in their Binance accounts.”

This Eos Hard Fork And Upgrade Will Not Result In A New Token Being Created

Once the hard fork is completed with success, Binance will make an announcement to notify users when deposits and withdrawals for EOS will reopen. The crypto exchange has highlighted the fact that “this EOS hard fork and upgrade will not result in a new token being created.” On the other hand, the EOS investors are anticipating a much-needed spike in the token’s trading value.

Additionally, the Chinese crypto exchange, Huobi has announced to support the EOS hard forks as well. IDAX has also made a similar announcement regarding the temporary block from depositing or withdrawing EOS funds during the upgrade period.