Even though Bitcoin has grown by literally millions of percent since its introduction in 2008, this asset remains relatively small at the macro level.

Last week Apple shares rose, which is comparable to the market capitalization of BTC

The value of all BTC (market capitalization) in the market is more than 200 billion dollars. This figure has already become very significant, and thus it noticed all the financial centers of the world. Despite this popularity at the macro level, BTC still has a place to grow. Apple shares rose just over 11 percent during the trading session last week. Consequently, the company’s market capitalization, in other words, the price of all assets has reached $1.85 trillion, according to Google.

This figure is almost comparable to the entire market capitalization of Bitcoin. It is somehow inappropriate to compare an entire company, even an Empire, with the main leader in the crypto industry.


Bitcoin’s success is yet to come

Comparing two companies that are different both in their sphere and in their essence, it becomes clear that the cryptocurrency still has a lot to grow and how great its growth potential is.

Raoul Pal, the chief executive of Real Vision, is confident that BTC is fulfilling its potential. He notes the statement that real estate is unaffordable, bonds have almost no yield if you look at it in the long term because of almost zero yields, and stocks can be overvalued. The only thing that remains is Bitcoin.

There is also an opinion based on research that more than 50 trillion dollars will be transferred by the parents of baby boomers and themselves to the younger generations in the coming years. Thus, based on this, these funds can be invested in the cryptocurrency, helping it to realize its potential much faster.


Bitcoin is currently up 0,31% over the past 24 hours. The market capitalization of BTC is $ 206.77 billion, and the 24-hour volume is $20.90 billion.