Bitcoin begins October with bullish hints. Analysts think the target is $63k for Bitcoin in October. Everyone is curious whether BTC will carry on this speed during October.

Bitcoin spikes up to $48k analysts think the target is $63k

September has been recorded as the volatile month for Bitcoin. BTC entered the month with $47k and gradually increased up to $53k. However, BTC could not stay at that price level and dipped to $39k on 22nd September. Since then, the price has been volatile between $42k-44k. While many were cautious about whether it will test the $38k support level, Bitcoin started October with price gains.

Bitcoin Spikes Up To $48k

Bitcoin price level aligns with the expectations of bullish investors and influencers. BTC rises to $48K during the 20 minutes on Friday. The price jumped from $44,900 to $47,800 in less than an hour. Bitcoin added approximately $3k during the rise. The market cap of Bitcoin has reached $891,2 billion, and the price was 47,610 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Spikes Up To $48k

Prediction Of PlanB Is $63k For the October

The price prediction of the PlanB proved itself for September as well as August. The Dutch investor, who is the creator of the bitcoin Stock-to-Flow model, predicted that Bitcoin would finish September above the $43k price level, and it actually did. His prediction for October is $63k and given the accuracy of his predictions, we should aim for the $63k price level in October.


Nayib Bukele Announces the First Bitcoin Mining from Volcanode

El Salvador has officially begun to mine bitcoins from volcanic energy. The tweet that Nayib Bukele has posted on his Twitter account shows that they mined 0.00599 BTC. Earlier on 29th September, he shared the video from the mining field which you could see ASIC miners that were installing. This proves the serious intentions of El Salvador to mine environmentally friendly bitcoins from volcanic power. 

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