Binance.US has rendered support to two new tokens. The cryptocurrency exchange will add Neo and Cosmos to its platform from October 31, and users can deposit funds before the trading begins. As per the data, both the tokens hold a position among the top-20 by market capitalization. Neo is a decentralized open-source blockchain application platform, and Cosmos presents a blockchain-based platform as an inter-mediatory.

The leading crypto exchange in the United States, Binance.US, is geared up to add NEO and ATOM on the platform. As announced on October 30, the exchange will introduce the full trading of the two tokens on October 31.

Neo and Cosmos are among the top 20 assets by market capitalization, and Binance.US will allow the users to deposit their funds even before the commencement of the trading at 9:00 PM EST. Currently, NEO is hiked up by 4.32% to trade at $10.87, while ATOM is, in contrast, down by 0.23% to trade at $3.10.

ATOM employs as a mediator between various blockchains by providing a blockchain-based platform. It raised $17.3 million in a token sale carried out in April 2017 and released its first ecosystem hub in March 2019. Neo, on the other hand, is a decentralized open-source blockchain application platform. It became the first blockchain member of the .NET Foundation, Microsoft’s open-source project.