Ethereum is close to record its all-time high price. In the meantime, Ethereum surpasses the daily transaction volume of Bitcoin.

Ethereum begins the day with impressive gains. Previously, on 10th January, Ethereum was inches away from the all-time high price of $1,420. On 19th January, Ethereum is much closer to ATH than before. At the time of writing, Ethereum hit $1,391$130 increase accounts for an 11% increase in the price during the day. It seems that sentiment is bullish for Ethereum today, and it can go further than its record price. 


The Daily Transaction Volume of Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic in the media right now. Bitcoin and Ethereum are 2 market leaders that play a crucial role in representing cryptos in the world. According to the data from Messari, the daily transaction volume of Ethereum is getting much higher than Bitcoin’s. Crypto research firm puts the relationship on the graph, and it shows that the daily transaction volume of Ethereum is increasing parabolic. 3 days average data shows that Ethereum has $12.3 billion transactions, and Bitcoin has $9.3 billion, which is $3 billion lower. 

Besides that, Mike Dudas, co-founder of The Block, posted on Twitter that “ETH up > 50% in #BTC terms over the past two weeks.” This is proof of increasing interest in Ethereum. On 2nd January, ETH was 0.023 BTC, and the ratio increased to 0.037 BTC. 


This bullish sentiment could help Ethereum to records its new ATH. The event may happen during the day. There is so much to wait for from Ethereum right now.

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