amazon coinsfera.comCloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of multinational tech company Amazon, recently announced that Ethereum is now available on its managed blockchain.

In a statement made by Amazon, it was announced that the “managed blockchain” service of the company – the Amazon Managed Blockchain, supports the Ethereum network. From now, Amazon Web Services users will create Ethereum nodes and connect to the Ethereum main network.

This service was originally only available to customers on the East Coast of the United States. But from now on, users can also access Ethereum in AWS regions in the Eastern US, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Therefore, customers will be able to get benefit from features such as secure network connection via Amazon Managed Blockchain, secure access to the network with Ethereum APIs, encryption in transit, and fast and secure synchronization to the Ethereum network.

On the subject in its blog post, E-commerce giant Amazon made the following statements:

“With this launch, AWS customers can easily provision Ethereum nodes in minutes and connect to the public Ethereum main network and test networks such as Rinkeby and Ropsten.”

“With Amazon Managed Blockchain, customers get secure networking, encryption at rest and transport, secure access to the network via standard open-source Ethereum APIs, fast and reliable syncs to the Ethereum blockchain, and durable elastic storage for ledger data.”

What Is Amazon Managed Blockchain?

The Amazon Managed Blockchain is a service developed by AWS that allows you to join public networks or build and manage scalable private networks using popular open-source frameworks. Besides Ethereum, Amazon Managed Blockchain also supports Hyperledger. Released by the Linux Foundation in 2016, Hyperledger is an open-source blockchain project designed for enterprise applications.

Amazon first started offering Blockchain-related services in 2019, giving customers the first access to Blockchain networks, nodes, decentralized applications, and smart contracts.

According to Etherscan data, there are more than 8,300 Ethereum nodes on Ethereum. The increase in nodes controlling transactions is considered as a factor that increases security.

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