Institutions like MicroStrategy have flooded into BTC during the pandemic. If you are thinking about how can I buy Bitcoins with cash in Dubai, this news is for you. Coinsfera, the first and only official bitcoinshop in the world, offers cash payment services to its customers. Therefore, at the Coinsfera Dubai office, you can buy Bitcoin with cash in minutes.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, has received enough investor attention in recent times. It reached $ 19,800 on December 1st. So, it has regained its old historical peak (ATH), which broke at the end of 2017. The cryptocurrency is currently traded about 11% below its ATH. This is a sign of a bearish correction that typically follows parabolic upward movements. Bitcoin enthusiasts may consider buying BTC at the dipping price before it starts to rise parabolically.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

If you live in Dubai/UAE and are interested in buying the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, there are a few ways to do this. You can buy BTC from online crypto exchanges, ATMs, or the OTCs. Each option has its features. If you are worried about the security of online crypto exchanges, and technical problems, and high transaction fees of ATMs, over-the-counter exchanges are the right decision for you. At Coinsfera, an over-the-counter exchange, you can purchase bulk amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) fast and securely.


Where Can I Buy Bitcoin With Cash?

After the Bitcoin boom in 2017, everyone tried to quickly buy Bitcoin (BTC). It suddenly attracted the attention of the whole world. But soon, everyone claimed that buying Bitcoin is a difficult process. However, buying BTC is not difficult at all. In Coinsfera Bitcoinshop, anyone living in Dubai, whether domestic or foreign, can buy Bitcoin with cash. Furthermore, in large quantities. Coinsfera Bitcoinshop is the first and only Bitcoinshop in the world. In Coinsfera Dubai, you can buy more than 500 cryptocurrencies with cash payment. According to CoinMarketCap data, Bitcoin is trading around $ 18,423 at the time of writing. It is not yet certain whether it will continue to rise from here or make a serious correction. However, if you have decided to buy Bitcoin for certain, you can choose Coinsfera without hesitation.

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