Just Eat offers delivery services since 2001 and operates in 13 countries on different continents. Their headquarter is in London, UK.

The recent acquisition of Just Eat France by Takeaway.com, which offers bitcoin payments since 2017, made Bitcoin payments possible for Just Eat. According to the report, Just Eat will offer bitcoin for its 15000 partnered restaurants in France. The delivery service was in high demand since the march, and the usage of cash payment is declining.

How to Pay with Bitcoin

Just Eat added instructions to use bitcoin in their sites. Before payment, you need to have a Bitpay wallet. When you finalize your order, choose Bitcoin. Before payment, you need to have a Bitpay wallet. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the Bitcoin payment provider, Bitpay. Then your wallet will be opened, and after paying, you will again be redirected to our site. After that, your order will send to the restaurant. There will not be transaction fees. If the consumer cancels the transaction, then the amount will refund to the consumer’s bank account in euros. According to the website, the refund will not depend on the actual value of Bitcoin.

The popularity of bitcoin can cause its value to increase. Recently, Bitcoin fluctuates around 10000$. If the usage of bitcoin increases, then it will become pricier.