Local Ethereum announced to rebrand itself to Local cryptos as the platform gears up to add support for more cryptocurrencies. Rival to the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins, Local Ethereum has added support to the leading cryptocurrency.

In a blog post, Local Ethereum revealed that it has rebranded itself to Local Cryptos as the peer-to-peer platform announced to add more cryptocurrencies. Local Ethereum, now Local Cryptos serves more than 100,000 users worldwide, the blog claimed.

Local Cryptos adds support for bitcoin

According to the blog, LocalCryptos is the new all in one peer-to-peer crypto marketplace. It claims to be the one-stop-shop for fiat-to-crypto ramps worldwide. The direct rival to the LocalBitcoins, Local Cryptos, has also announced to add support for the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

The platform claims to be the inclusive privacy-first peer-to-peer marketplace where users are in control. The platform claims to have more than 100,000 users all over the world. Local Cryptos also informed that it would list some of the most popular Ethereum-based tokens over time.

Local Cryptos aims to take over Local Bitcoins

In a peer-to-peer exchange battle, Local Cryptos seem to be taking a leap as the platform goes under significant changes. Earlier, Local Bitcoins announced its registration with regulators in Finland. In the eyes of Finnish regulators, LocalBitcoins is an official virtual currency provider. In its blog, Local Cryptos states that Local Bitcoins is centralized, custodial, and a far cry from private. LocalCryptos takes a non-custodial approach to cut out the risk of theft and put users in charge, blog reads.