Second blockchain summit in Hong Kong


As the cryptocurrency gets acceptance from the globe, the community arranges conferences to bring all the leading actors to the stage. The next summit will be held in Hong Kong by the NexChange Group on 17-19 November 2020.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week will present specialist content and experts who are the leading the industry, and they are the future of blockchain technology and digital assets. Those professionals are from different parts of the ecosystem, varying from the government to startups. In the previous Blockchain Week in 2019, more than 3000 participants attended during the week. These events will help blockchain to get global interest.

What to expect from the summit?

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 will be online, and participation is free, but it will be limited. If you want to register for the event, check their websites. Conference themes cover different parts of the crypto world. Here are some examples:

  • CBDCs: Use Cases around the World
  • Enterprise blockchain
  • Decentralized Finance, DeFi
  • Other applications of blockchain
  • Regulation around the world
  • Post-COVID Blockchain
  • Mining in 2020
  • Security and Privacy

During the week, there will be many presentations, and there will be experts and specialists in the sector. They are famous people in the crypto sector. Here are some speakers:

Dr. David Chung- JP Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong

Daniel Schwartzkopff- Board Member, Quantfury; Founder & CEO, Invictus Capital

Alex Mashinsky- Founder & CEO, Celsius Network

Brian Behlendorf- Executive Director of Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation

Henri Arslanian- FinTech & Crypto Leader, Asia, PwC Hong Kong


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