The largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin(BTC) has shown its volatility in the last few days. Currently, the market is very active. Starting on September 3, Bitcoin(BTC) prices dropped by almost 10 percent. Bitcoin miners selling an unusual amount of bitcoin in a short period of time was the most key factor behind the drop in BTC prices. The rise in BTC in the market has caused its value to fall below almost $ 10,000.

BTC whales were waiting for this opportunity

This is a great chance for traders. Bitcoin whales want to get benefit from this temporary low price. According to analysts, this price drop is only available for a very short time, and Bitcoin (BTC) prices may rise suddenly. So, this is the best time to buy bitcoin.

The pullback is about to happen

Based on earlier experience, we have seen Bitcoin(BTC) prices dropped by as much as $3600 on March 13, 2020, and then jump suddenly to over $12,000 by September. When the price dropped, many investors started to sell bitcoins. The sudden surge in bitcoin prices could frustrate the investors who were selling their BTC in a fuss. Why shouldn’t we worry about this price drop? The fact that most buyers enter the market in the $10,000 price range is the most important factor preventing further decline of Bitcoin (BTC) in the future.