Cryptocurrency and blockchain space has been gaining a consistent momentum since past few years. Some of the prominent names in the crypto industry have also been considered one of the world’s top firms. However, Ripple and Coinbase both have fallen out of LinkedIn’s list of top ten start-ups in the United States this year.

The professional networking platform, LinkedIn, released the 2019 list on 4th September, Wednesday in which it has ranked Ripple at 28th position and Coinbase at the 29th spot. While Ripple is one of the leading blockchain payments networks, Coinbase is one of the eminent digital currency exchanges in the world.

It is important to note that both these companies had successfully secured positions for themselves in the same LinkedIn list in the previous year. Coinbase was ranked 3rd and Ripple 7th in the top 10 US start-ups of 2018.


For those who came in late, LinkedIn ranks the popularity of the United States companies by performing analysis of their performance across four different categories: its employees, jobseekers’ interest, employee growth, and the company’s ability to attain member engagement.

The platform also disclosed the criteria of eligibility to be considered for the list. These criteria include:

  • The firm must be in operation for not more than seven years

  • The firm should have a minimum staff of 50 people

  • It should be a privately held organization

  • The company should have its headquarters in the US

As both Ripple and Coinbase have been established in the year 2012 (failing the first criteria), they will not get another opportunity to be considered for this list next year.

Coming back to this year’s top 10 US companies, Snowflake Computing, a start-up into cloud computing, analytics, and data warehousing space, has taken the number 1 spot. No other out-an-out blockchain or cryptocurrency start-up has been included in this year’s top 10 list.

The second position has been claimed by Dosist, which is into health, wellness, and fitness. Third and fourth positions have been attained by an Information technology & services firm called Samsara and an Internet company called DoorDash, respectively. Financial services firm Brex, apparel and fashion entity Good American, and Financial services company Robinhood have secured the 5th, 6th, and 7th rank. Peloton Interactive, Compass, and Nuro have taken the last three spots of top 10. While Peloton is into health, fitness, and wellness, Compass operates in real estate. Nuro, on the other hand, is an information technology and services firm.