Buy Property with Bitcoin in Dubai

Coinsfera holds a dominant business of real estate to help out its client for easy investment in property. We offer you different ventures according to your preference and it becomes easy to buy properties with Bitcoin in Dubai with Coinsfera.
We help in transacting large amount of money in cryptocurrency for buy and sell of properties in Dubai.


Requirements to Buy Property with Bitcoin Dubai

Now, anyone can buy property with Bitcoin Dubai. You only need to fulfill these two requirements:

Buy villa with Bitcoin in Dubai

You must have an original ID or passport (In case you’re not a UAE citizen).

Buy villa with Bitcoin in Dubai

Payment transfer through bitcoin must be in dollars or Dirhams.

Buy Property in Dubai with Bitcoin Right Away

Buying your favorite property has become so easy and fast through bitcoin. You can have a great experience to buy property in Dubai with Bitcoin. You can transfer the capital through Bitcoin on the spot and have ownership of your property in some minutes. In that manner, the buying process has become fast and much authentic than ever.

How to Buy Properties with Bitcoin in Dubai?

Coinsfera provides you with a wonderful experience with its simple method of purchasing property for its clients. You can have your favorite property anywhere you like in Dubai. For that purpose, you can either buy properties with bitcoin in Dubai or you can transfer your currency into bitcoin for quick and secure transactions. Follow these three steps to have quick ownership of your property:

How to Buy Property in Dubai with Bitcoin?

Here, are the three easy steps that need to be followed for the buying process:

1Choose real estate

Select property

At first, select the property of your choice at your favorite venue and bid for the amount you can pay for it.



After we can arrange a meeting for you for further negotiations and dealing once you contact us through phone, WhatsApp, or telegram.

3Sell Bitcoin in London

Capital transfer

After the meeting, if we come up with an agreement then you can transfer your capital in bitcoin to buy the property you desire.

Buy Binance Coin in Dubai

Why Should You Buy Property with Bitcoin Dubai?

Currently, bitcoin has become the new currency for money transfers around the globe. It does not only save time but also makes the transaction much secure and reliable. That’s why people are acquiring it as a new way of buying properties. Coinsfera also offers its client to buy property with bitcoin Dubai. So, we can grow as a unit along with the world.

  • The adaption of bitcoin for property buying and selling is gradually increasing in Dubai.
  • Other business sectors are already using it as a currency for money transfers.
  • Transaction through bitcoin is not only efficient but also cost-effective.
  • The use of cryptocurrency for fund transfer has made the process authentic.
  • The whole process of buying property has become fast due to bitcoin transfer.

Why Choose Coinsfera to Buy Properties with Bitcoin in Dubai?

Buy Binance Coin in Dubai


Cryptocurrency is a transparent way of doing a transaction between two parties. So, there is no chance of fraud payment and the whole process remains authentic.

Binance Coin in Dubai

Secure Payments

Your payment transaction remains secure with us. We highly respect our client's privacy. The information of the whole process is secured when you do business with Coinsfera.

Buy Binance Coin in Dubai


We offer you the best properties in Dubai at an affordable price. Meanwhile, purchasing is already cost-effective when you buy properties with bitcoin in Dubai.

Buy Binance Coin in Dubai

Quick transaction

The great thing about dealing in bitcoin is that you can have a quick transaction in a short time. No lengthy processes for authentication, you can have your property in several minutes.

Buy Binance Coin in Dubai

Direct deals

You can have a direct deal of your property with our agents, there is no third-party involvement in the whole procedure. Your funds remain secure with proper authentication.

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FAQ about buying Binance coin in Coinsfera Dubai

This is my first time. Can you guide me?

Yes, of course. Visit our offices, and our employees will be happy to assist you with your transaction.

What is the min/max amount that I can buy?

Please get in contact with our employees to get more information about these amounts. We believe that you should not be unnecessarily limited when it comes to how much or little you trade.

How long does it take to buy Binance coin in Coinsfera Dubai?

The operation takes around 10-15 minutes. We want our service to be convenient, and we try to take care of your needs as quickly as possible.

What are the opening and closing hours of the Dubai office?

Monday to Sunday 9 A.M. to 7 P.M., Friday closed.

How many branches do you have in Dubai?

We have only one office in Dubai. Located at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster F, Indigo-Icon tower, Office # 501, 5th floor - Dubai, UAE

Do you have a wallet?

Coinsfera does not have its own wallet. We will help you to set up your own wallet.

Can I buy Binance coin online?

Online service is not available yet. Coinsfera is an OTC (Over the Counter) exchange.

Can I send the Binance coin to another person with cash in Coinsfera?

Providing your ID, you can send crypto coins with cash to another person.

Do you have an app?

Currently, we do not have an official app. But we are planning to have one in the future.

Location of our crypto exchange office

Coinsfera Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster F, Indigo-Icon tower, Office # 501, 5th floor - Dubai, UAE


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