One of the leading cryptocurrency payment platforms, BitPay, announces a new mass payout platform BitPay Send.

The new payment system will make it easier to send payments across the world anytime to anyone. Sometimes, the traditional banking system does not serve people in the way that they want. You have to be in line to send your money, and the transaction will take some time to process. And if you want to take out your money, you have to go to the bank and wait for the operator to do the task. Not only cryptocurrencies are an innovative approach to payment systems, but also, they are comfortable for people.

BitPay Send Is Ideal for Companies

BitPay Send will help companies to pay payrolls to affiliates, employees, settle negotiations with other companies, and issue rewards or rebates. The platform will satisfy the needs of companies that search for fast, secure, efficient payment. They can send crypto payments to everywhere in the world, any day of the week. AdGate Media is one of the first companies that use this platform. The president of AdGate Media commented on the importance of this service:

“We have lots of affiliates who wanted to be paid in Bitcoin, especially those who are based outside North America and Europe, where access to bank accounts is difficult. One of our biggest challenges is that we did not want to buy and hold crypto, and having BitPay manage that risk was an important factor in choosing BitPay Send.”

How Does BitPay Send Work?

Using the platform is straightforward. Firstly, you need to deposit some amount of fiat money which you want to pay. You need to take into consideration the commission. The commission amount is 1% of the total. Secondly, you need to submit the payout. Here you include your email address and amount of money. Finally, BitPay sends the crypto to the recipient’s account. So, you do not worry about holding cryptocurrency for payments BitPay does it all.

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