Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse describes Ripple as a savior in the riddled and deviousness cryptocurrency ecosystem. Brad states that XRP is a paragon of transparency, which makes it an appealing asset to the authorities and Banks. The executive highlights the plans of expanding the operations of the blockchain to US sanctioned nations like Cuba and Iran. Ripple has scored a collaboration with Finastra, a London-based financial software firm.

Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple CEO, has represented the cryptocurrency as an epitome of transparency as he appeared as a guest on the recent episode of Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain. According to Brad, Ripple renders clarity and reliability in the devious ecosystem of the cryptocurrency industry.

Huge Partnership Deal With Moneygram

Ripple is one of the most used cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The platform is sprouting as authorities and banks tend to opt for its use for betterment in businesses. Attributing to the success attained so far, the executive states the service of RippleNet that relinquishes information more securely as the reason for its adoption. He mentions the service as the trait pumping the outstanding performance and making it unique from other companies like SWIFT.

Garlinghouse further spoke about the forthcoming expansion of Ripple’s operations to US authorized nations like Iran and Cuba. Recently, the firm secured a huge partnership deal with MoneyGram, which is one largest global money transfer network. It has also gained a collaboration with the London-based financial software company, Finastra.

Ripple is on a significant ride joining hands with several banks to encourage cross-border payments. Currently, it holds more than 200 banks and payment institutions using the RippleNet solution.