The second-largest bank of China and the world will issue bonds worth US$3B to be tradable with Bitcoin. Malaysia is where the exchange happens.

China Construction Bank will not do the selling process of bonds alone. They partnered with Fusang, which is a Hong-Kong-based fintech company, to realize their plans. Each party has interests in the activity. CCB will work on the issuance of bonds, which Fusang will convert into tokenized certificates of deposit. This digital tokenized certificate on a blockchain will be the first to be issued by Chinese banks.

According to the South China Morning Post, CCB will issue bonds worth US$3B, and these bonds will sell in parts. The first tranche will be $58 million, and it will be available to the public. Labuan branch of CCB will issue a certificate of deposits initially. These bonds were expensive in the past. The worth of certificates of the deposit will be various to make it accessible for many people and institutions. The minimum amount is $100 each and will yield 0.75 percent at maturity.

Blockchain technology will make it cheaper to issue a bond. It will reduce the costs of financial intermediaries dealing with the issuance of certificates of deposits and trading them.

Buying with Bitcoin

Fusang will make it possible to buy those certificates of deposits with cryptocurrencies. They will allow investors to trade those certificates with their bitcoins. It will make it easier to purchase bonds if you have bitcoin. Trading activities will begin on Friday for both dollar and bitcoin.

Who cannot buy? Tax residents of the USA and China, also individuals and entities in Iran and North Korea, cannot buy those digital securities. The money will be deposited in the Labuan branch of CCB.

The usage of financial technologies such as blockchain technologies will open new horizons for the financial sector. It will reduce the costs of intermediaries, and it will be faster than traditional methods.

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