Leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are on the bullish run. Ethereum hit new ATH price and going for another milestone.

The bullish sentiment continues in cryptocurrencies since 8th February. In 10 days, Bitcoin added 12 thousand USD to its value and Ethereum 3 hundred USD. During this period, other altcoins performed poorly and waited for altseason to come.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, recorded a new all-time high price on 18th February. According to Tradingview, Ethereum hit a $1,928 price level with a 3.5% increase during the day on Bitstamp. The market capitalization of ETH reached $219 billion

The main support level for ETH is $1,870. Ethereum confronts the resistance at $1,930. If Ethereum overcomes this resistance level, then it can increase up to $2k. ETH may come across with another resistance level till $2k.


Grayscale Increased Ethereum Holdings

As one of the largest cryptocurrency investment companies, Grayscale added another bunch of ETH to the Ethereum trust. Grayscale tweeted an updated version of holdings, assets under management (AUM), and other information. According to the data on Bybt, Grayscale added 20,000 ETH to the Ethereum Trust. This purchase can be one of the reasons for the recent price increase in ETH. With the recent data of cryptocurrencies, AUM reached $40.0 billion

Institutional buy-out of cryptocurrencies affects the price of cryptocurrencies. Although they buy in mass amounts, a large part of cryptocurrencies is held by individuals. 

Total Value ETH 2.0

The high gas fee is still a problem for transactions to occur on the Ethereum blockchain. The proposed solution is ETH 2.0. According to Glassnode, the total value in the ETH 2.0 contract just reached an ATH of $5,779 million


With the current hype in digital currencies, the bullish sentiment can continue for a while. Ethereum and Bitcoin are some of the cryptos that have a significant effect on other altcoins. Keep track of daily cryptocurrency news to get more insight on cryptocurrencies.

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