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Prominent venture capitalist Tim Draper revealed the altcoins he owns in addition to 30,000 bitcoins. The famous investor spoke at a conference organized by a private sector liquidity provider, Linqto. In an interview with him, Draper said that his altcoin portfolio consists of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Tezos (XTZ), and Aragon (ANT). Draper added that he believes Bitcoin will surpass all of his previous ventures and bring a greater return than all of them combined. In the conference, it discussed that XRP and other cryptocurrencies become very important in the future. Regarding the subject, he said the following:

“Yes, I’m an owner of XRP. I’m an owner of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos, and Aragon. I’m a believer. I think it’s happening – it’s coming. It’s so important for the world, and I want the world to know it, and I want other people in the world to get on board.”

For seven years, notable businessperson Tim Draper has been active in the cryptocurrency space. Draper is known for his successful investments in bitcoins and altcoins. He also supported giants like Tesla, SpaceX, and the major US crypto exchange Coinbase. It invested millions in various startups and emerging projects.

$1 million bets on Aragon

Tim Draper said he made a $1 million bet on Aragon earlier this year. Aragon is an Ethereum-based platform. It is designed to allow users to build and run a decentralized organization. The investor purchased one million ANT tokens for effectively control 2.52% of the total supply. ATN is the cryptocurrency of Aragon.