Atupri, a Health Insurance company in Switzerland announced that it will accept payments from its users in the form of cryptocurrencies. It is the first insurer in Switzerland that accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This achievement is an unprecedented innovation in the healthcare industry.

Atupri Health Insurance has partnered with the crypto financial services company named Bitcoin Suisse. The new crypto payment methods will be entirely facilitated by Bitcoin Suisse. Atupri enables its 200,000 customers crypto payment options and makes it easier for them to pay for their health insurance policies.

Starting August 31, 2020, payment transactions with cryptocurrencies have been allowed. For now, the health insurance company accepts either Bitcoin(BTC) or Ethereum(ETC). The company will not hold any Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH), only the converted cash it receives from Bitcoin Suisse.

Customers Are Free To Choose

Currently, the insurance company does not yet offer a cryptocurrency repayment option.

According to Caroline Meli, Atupri head of marketing and sales: “Our customers are free to choose which payment method they choose at any time. As digital pioneers in the health sector, we anticipate social trends and offer insurance solutions with long-term prospects,”.

“Blockchain technology and the associated use of cryptocurrencies will become increasingly important,” she added.

Atupri also briefs that when a customer chooses to pay in the supported cryptocurrencies, the transaction is immediately forwarded to Bitcoin Suisse, which handles the whole process and guarantee the secure trading of digital assets for customers. You only need a crypto wallet to pay bills with BTC or ETH.