During the boom period in cryptocurrencies, Ripple post job posting to hire a new executive. It gives a clue about the next projects.

Ripple proved itself as an international money sending system. Banks can use XRP to send payment to a country that has not a direct channel of exchange. They want to enrich their relationships with the central banks. Ripple wants to hire a Senior Director of Central Bank Engagements. According to the job posting, Ripple search for experienced ones who can work with the central banks around the world. The individual will lead the strategy of Ripple with the central banks and construct partnerships and manage the projects. This job will be one of the crucial positions at Ripple.

Possibly, Ripple wants to create some platform to connect fiat currencies with the CBDC. If they achieve their objectives, it can be a new era in cryptocurrencies.

The job posting includes many details about the job. Ripple demands ten years of experience in the field. Also, they search for some influential people who have leader instincts and have the potential of being press-savvy. As we can see, they also search for a public figure that has a great network with central banks and with media too. It is a very demanding job posting, and Ripple knows what they search for.

The Price of Ripple Displays an Upward Trend

After a long time, Ripple exhibits a price rise. On 23rd November 2020, investors trade Ripple for over $0.49 at the market. Ripple began the price increase from $0.25 on 12th November and with the 48% increase in the price in 11 days. During the price rally, it was crucial to surpass the $0.30 resistance level. As you can see, after passing the resistance level on 19th November, Ripple got the ground for the further price increase. 


Ripple enlarge its partner banks, and it can be one reason for the price increase. Ripple added Bank of America to its website, confirming a partnership with one of the big banks. Also, Ripple has a relationship with Standard Chartered and Santander. It shows how serious Ripple is becoming an international money payment system.

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