Cryptocurrencies display consistent moves upward. Ripple was not so active at the beginning, but now it almost doubles during the day.

Crypto-bull continues, and Ripple follows the footsteps of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently showing impressive price increase. Although, it seems like Bitcoin hesitates about moving above $19000. If Bitcoin passes $19000, then it will probably close the day with $19150. Also, Ethereum has been significant in recent days. It shows a consistent increase during the week, and it is traded at $611. There is a lot to expect from cryptocurrencies.

Ripple was not so volatile during the year. However, the overall price increase in cryptocurrency increases the demand for Ripple. Ripple currently traded at $0.70. Till now, the highest price was $0.33 in 2020. However, during recent days Ripple began to a bullish move. Today, Ripple rose 16%. During 24 hours, it increased by 40%. It was quite impressive from the Ripple after a long time. The current price is experienced on 14 May 2018 last time.


The market capitalization of XRP is getting high. On 22 November, the market capitalization of XRP was 20 billion USD, and today, according to CoinMarketCap, it reached 31 billion USD. It is the first time in more than two years that Ripple has 31 billion market capitalization.

Coinbase Crashes Right After Ripple Hits $0.90

Ripple was traded at $0.90 at 5 UTC. It means an almost 100% increase in 24 hours. Right after this, users begin to experience crashes at Coinbase. According to Downdetector, users had problems with Coinbase in the morning. Also, Coinbase was trending on Twitter. It shows the scale of issues users had. It seems like Coinbase is now operating normally.


Ripple becomes one of the profitable investments in cryptocurrencies. If it continues this way, then it will appreciate even more.