The digital currency Bitcoin, which has multiplied its value incredibly since 2020, continues to break record after record. Bitcoin’s unstoppable rise since last year has been on everyone’s lips. For some, Bitcoin is a currency that, like the balloon of US tech stocks in the 2000s, may soon decline. But in other opinions, it can even reach $ 100,000 before the end of the year. According to the latest news, despite the rise of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, some fast-growing companies can run circles around it.


Wall Street has performed incredibly well in the last 10.5 months. While the S&P 500 completed the year with an increase of more than 16%, the Nasdaq Composite increased considerably compared to previous years. But ultimately, both indices failed to candle the returns offered by Bitcoin. The fact that many companies accepted it for purchasing and some corporate companies traded on the Wall Street Stock Exchange preferred Bitcoin among investment tools, bringing cryptocurrency to new heights.


Bitcoin has led large companies to start thinking about digital currencies, especially in recent years. A week after Elon Musk’s Tesla announced its $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency closed at $ 50,000 for the first time.

Three High-Growth Companies Can Outpace Bitcoin in the Long-Run

Bitcoin has proved itself to challenge traditional monetary theory, especially with its rise during the Covid-19 era. The crypto, which surpassed $ 50,000 in February, was traded around $ 4,000 when the coronavirus outbreak broke out in March 2020.


While Bitcoin’s short-term returns are incredible, on other hand, the cryptocurrency seems like a flawed investment with some of its features. Although a few firms (Tesla) have decided to accept BTC as a form of payment, over 99.99% of businesses in the US that have at least one employee do not yet hold Bitcoin.


According to an article by “The Motley Fool” author, there are three unstoppable stocks that have the potential to run circles around Bitcoin in the long run.


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The best of the unstoppable stocks investors can buy right now is a company that has somehow taken advantage of Bitcoin’s popularity. You’ve probably come across a Square point of sale device at some period in the past nine years. The company primarily provides payment processing devices and analytics tools to small businesses and saw gross payment volume rising from $ 6.5 billion in 2012 to $ 106.2 billion in 2019.


This digital peer-to-peer payment platform has grown its monthly active users from 7 million to 30 million between the end of 2017 and mid-2020. What ticks in the Cash App is the ability to purchase. Cash Card acts like a traditional debit card that connects to users’ Cash App account and makes investments. As long as users keep trading, Cash App’s gross profit will continue to increase.


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Teladoc Health is another unstoppable equity telehealth provider that has the potential to run a circle around Bitcoin in the long run. To make it clear, Teladoc Health was the undoubted beneficiary of the coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic. After recording 4.1 million virtual visits in 2019, Teladoc estimates 10.6 million visits in 2020. But keep in mind that Teladoc’s growth was not entirely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


It was increasing its sales by 75% annually between 2013 and 2019 and had little trouble landing Fortune 500 companies and health systems as a customer. Livongo collects patient data and relies on artificial intelligence to send impulses to its members to help them live a healthier life. The remarkable thing is that Livongo is still scratching the surface.


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Though market share estimates differ, something crystal clear about Amazon is that it is the dominant force in the online retail space. Furthermore, Amazon’s share of online retail in the US is 33 percentage points higher than the next closest online retail stock (Home Depot).


The subscription model makes it likelier that over 150 million people staying in Amazon’s ecosystem of content, services, and products. In the long run, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure services offer a more interesting growth story. Amazon Web Services completed one of the toughest decades of the years with 30% sales growth and an annual revenue rate of $ 51 billion.


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